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Why Support the Junior Livestock Auction?

Sonoma County Fair

Junior Livestock Auction - Pay My Bill

The Junior Livestock Auction Supports Our Hard-Working Youth

The Fair's Jr. Livestock Auction is the culmination of a year's work for young aspiring ranchers and farmers who select, purchase, feed, and groom livestock to be judged, graded and sold at the Fair. Their projects include steers, lambs, hogs, rabbits and poultry.

As a learning and business venture for young men and women, the Sonoma County Fair Junior Livestock Auction is their market place... and you...their prospective buyer. The judges at the Sonoma County Fair select only the best animals to sell at the Junior Livestock Auction. Such quality demands a premium price.

Junior Livestock Exhibitor Age Clarification:

The Special Junior Program has been eliminated. Youth that were 5-8 years old as of December 31, 2018 are considered primary members. Primary members are eligible to show breeding rabbits, cavies and poultry.
Market livestock: Will be limited to youth that were 9 years old as of December 31, 2018 and older. Market livestock exhibitors must be enrolled in elementary or high school during the 2018-2019 school year. (Last year of eligibility is summer of high school graduation.)
Breeding Livestock: Will be limited to youth that were 9 years old as of December 31, 2018 and older. FFA members may exhibit breeding livestock until the end of the calendar year following the year of graduation from high school. 4-H and independent juniors may exhibit until the end of the calendar year in which they reach 19.

2019 Auction Dates

August 3 - Lamb - 9:00 AM | Rabbit - 1:00 PM | Goat - 1:30 PM
August 8 - Hog - 9:00 AM
August 9 - Beef Auction - 6:00 PM

How Can You Participate?

Your purchase will help support an educational program. These youth are learning to produce food for your table. They are also learning how to be in business for themselves. At their age, their business is on a small scale and their costs are higher than the commercial producer. Help them achieve success and insure continued food production by supporting them now. The price you pay today encourages youth participation and is a small investment in the future of America. Profits from the sale of these animals are usually reinvested in better animals or set aside for future educational expenses. Give us a call or send us an email and we will have an auction solicitor get back to you soon.

Call or Email Us:

Entry Office Email:
Entry Office Phone: (707) 545-4203

2019 Junior Livestock Auction Brochure

All prospective buyers or authorized solicitors/bidders must register prior to auction day. Please email the Entry Office for more details.

Strengthening Community

Your purchase benefits our community--and you--in many ways:

  • Livestock purchases support educational 4-H and FFA programs, through which students learn to budget, keep books, and cope with the challenges of private enterprise
  • Hard-working youngsters are rewarded for their effort
  • Young people are encouraged to continue in ranching and farming careers
  • You or your company receive recognition at the event and on our website
  • You receive an extraordinary high quality, locally produced product free of additives
  • If you choose not to personally use your purchase, you can opt to donate the meat to nonprofit organizations to feed our community

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