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Fair Food

Sonoma County Fair

Time to eat!


Let's start with ice cream! Remember, it's the Fair... no rules about dessert before dinner. Just come hungry and take your time. You'll find an awesome array of snacks, hearty meals, and goodies that are too good to be true. Look for the return of favorites like Willie Bird's BBQ, Ibleto's Spaghetti Palace, and Kettle Corn to name just a few.

$2 Taste of the Fair, Tuesday August 6 11:00am - 4:00pm

Follow the smell of cotton candy and deep-fried corndogs to the Sonoma County Fair on Tuesday, August 6. From 11:00AM to 4:00PM Fair vendors will be whipping up $2 items for hungry fairgoers. If you’re all about the fried and battered or the sweet and sticky treats, we’ve got you covered.

Corn Dog Bites, The Dawghouse

Curly fry ends in a 1 pound tray, The Thirsty Fry

Micro Sundae, Castle Mini Donuts

4oz Watermelon Drink, Drink A Fruit From A Fruit

Fudge, Lisa's Fairtime Fudge

3" Mini Funnel Cake, Funnel Cake Express

8oz Coffee, Java 2 You

Aqua Fresca, Aquas Frescas

Chicken Taco, Pepe's Mariscos

Spring Roll, Pons Chinese Food

Fresh Pineapple Bowl, Ricardo's Hawaiian Feast

Regular Size Cheese Pizza, Pizzeria

Garlic Fries, Garlickys

Greek Fries, The Sleek Greek

Cinnamon Roll, W & R Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls

Corn in a Cup, Big Bubbas Bad BBQ

Churro, West Coast Concessions Churro Cart

Giant Zucchini Stick, Extreme Foods

1st Ever Sonoma County Fair Foodie Fight

The Foodie Fight will be our first annual food competition for our concessionaires to show us what they got! Participating vendors have to submit a brand NEW food item for the 2019 Sonoma County Fair. We’ll take the best 10 food items and have them face off in our LIVE finals on Saturday, August 3. Our panel of esteemed judges hosted by KSRO’s Pat Kerrigan will select winners for the ‘Best Sweet Treat,’ ‘Best Bite,’ ‘Best Crazy Creation’ and crown an overall 2019 Sonoma County Fair Foodie Fight Grand Champion!

Check back for a list of the 2019 Finalists!


2019 Food Vendors

All-American Burgers, Corn Dogs, BBQ & More

Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ – Shade Park

Sandwiches: Tri Tip, BBQ Beef, Chicken. Plates: Tri Tip, BBQ Beef, Pork, Chicken. Smoked Turkey Legs, Pork Ribs, 1/2 Chicken, Chicken on a Stick, Chicken Kebobs, Corn in a Cup, Footlong, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, Smoked Sausage, Chips, Corn on the Cob, Cole Slaw, Beans, Cold Drinks, Bottled Water, Kids Meal

Big Jim’s Dawg House – Magnolia West

Home of the “Monster Corn Dog!” Garlic Corn Dogs, Corn Dogs, Jalapeno Dog on a Stick, Cheese on a Stick, Bacon Bites, Chile Relleno Dog, Sodas, Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Bottled Water

Big Stuffies – Corner of Magnolia & Linwood Ave.

Gourmet Sandwiches: Philly, Polish & Italian Sausages, Chicken Breast Sandwich, Chicken Finger Sandwich, Hot Dogs, Jumbo Dog, Chicken Fingers & French Fries, Chicken or Sausage Kabobs. Fries: French Fries, Haystack, Smothered, Frilly, Schooner, Value Meal, Iced Tea, Lemonade, Sodas, Water

Elmer Fudd’s Roasted Corn – Linwood South

Grilled Corn on the Cob, Pork Chop on a Stick, Baked Potatoes, Sodas, Tea, Lemonade, Water

Kaliko’s Hawaiian Kitchen – Mexican Village

Fresh Ahi Poke Bowl, Kalua Pork Bowl, Kalbi Beef Bowl, Rainbow Bowl, Loco Moco Bowl – Kalua Port Sandwich, BBQ Yakitori Chicken Skewers, Spam Musubi, Chicken Wings, Ahi Fish Tacos, Drinks

Munch-A-Bunch – Linwood South

Regular & Jumbo Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs, Hamburgers. Sandwiches on Premium Breads: Grilled Cheese, Grilled Ham & Cheese, Grilled Turkey & Tomato & Cheese, Tuna Melt. French Fries, Garlic Fries, Seasoned Curly Fries, Cheese Fries, Chili Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Soft Drinks, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Bottled Water

Rocket Dog – Shade Park

Corn Dogs, Giant Corn Dogs, Cheese on a Stick, Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade, Soft Drinks

Ricardo’s Hawaiian Feast - Shade Park

Loco Moco Breakfast, Kutsu Chicken, Hawaiian Shrimp and Ribs, Ribs & Chips, ½ Chicken, Shrimp Kabob Loco, Ham Kabob, Bowls: Pineapple Beef, Pineapple Chicken, Pineapple Shrimp, Teriyaki Fries, Bucket of Fries, Pina Colada, Chicken Mowie Wowie, Beef Mowie Wowie, Shrimp Mowie Wowie, Rib Mowie Wowie Fish and Chips, Shrimp and Chips

Pronto Pups - Magnolia North

Home of the “Big Dog!” Super Pups, Corn Dogs, Fountain Drinks, Bottled Water

Sharky’s Corndogs & Onions – Linwood Ave.

Polish Dog, Hot Dog, Corndog, Flamin’ Cheeto Onion, Lobster Onion, Chili Cheese Onion, Chicken Strips & Fries, Garlic Fries, Fries, Chips, Candy, Popcorn Shrimp, Chicken Sandwich, Caesar Salad, Hamburger, Assorted Drinks, Bottled Water

Sharky’s Fish Fry – Magnolia South

From the Sea: Lobster Corn Dog, Popcorn Shrimp, Fish & Chips, Calamari & Chips. Sauce Bar: Cocktail Sauce, Tartar Sauce, Fries: Frilly, French, Garlic, Chili Cheese. Flaming Hot Cheeto Fries, Elote Fries, Deep Fried: Artichoke Hearts, Zucchinis, Mushrooms, Avocados, Green Tomatoes, Pickles, Green Beans & Onion Rings, Sodas & Water

Smoky Mutts Barbecue in Sliders Sports Bar

On the East side of racing grandstands, near Shade Park
Old Style Whole Hog BBQ (Pulled Pork) Sandwiches, Smoked Peppercorn Angus Brisket Sandwich, Bosslady’s BBQ Chicken, Mutt’s Carolina Ribs, Sides: Southern Slaw, Pit Smoked Beans, Hush Puppies, Collard Greens, Corn Succotash, Jalapeno Cornbread, Mac & Cheese, Caesar Salad, Garden Salad, Peanuts, Sweet Tea or Lemonade, Craft Beers on tap, cocktails and Sonoma Wines. Hang out and watch your favorite teams on the flat screen TVs.

Stuffie’s Char-Broiler – Shade Park

Angus Beef Burgers, Mac & Cheese Stuffed Burgers, Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwiches, Jalapeno Popper Burger, Flaming Hot Cheetos Fries, All Beef Hot Dogs with Peppers & Grilled Onions, Chicago Dog, Fried Chicken On A Stick, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Bacon Burger, Kid’s Meals, Caesar Salads, Chicken Caesar Salads, Fries (Garlic, Chili & Cheese), Soda, Water

The Giant Curly Fry – Magnolia North

Giant Curly Fries, Curly Fries w/Cheese, Chicken Strips & Fries, Chicken Strips, Curly Fries w/Chili, Chili Cheese Fries, Cheese Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, Garlic Fries, Curly Fry with Garlic, Bacon Cheddar Curly Fry, Bacon Cheddar Fry, Jalapeno Cheddar Fry, Soda, Bottled Water

Willie Bird’s BBQ – Linwood North

Jumbo/Regular Drumsticks, Turkey Steak Sandwiches, Cajun Sausage Sandwiches, Garlic Rice, Turkey Kabobs, Garlic Bread, Soda, Water

Greek Food

The Sleek Greek – Shade Park

Gyros: Chicken, Veggie, & Falafel Greek Salads, French Fries, Sandwich Combos, Baklava,Greek & Dirty Greek Fries, Sandwich Combo Gyro w/ Small Salad or Fries, Soft Drinks, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Water

Asian Food

Pon’s Chinese Food – Linwood North

Ham Fried Rice, Pan Fried Chow Mein, Eggroll On-a-Stick, Teriyaki Chicken, Beef On-A-Stick, Tempura Shrimp, Asian Wings, Bowls: Teriyaki Chicken, Orange Chicken, Dragon Fries, Fish & Squid Balls, Pork, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Pork. Combination Plates, Soft Drinks, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Water

Italian Food

Bariadelli’s – Linwood North

Jerk Chicken Pizza, Green Herbs Pizza, Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Creole Sausage Sandwich, Frozen Fruit Bars, Passion Fruit Juice, Caribbean Hot Chocolate

Garlicky’s – Shade Park

Pizza by the Slice, Whole Pizza, Kabobs, Garlic Dogs, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs, Garlic Stuffed Sausages, Fries, Garlic Fries, Crazy Fries, Carne Asada Fries, Wasabi Fries, Hot Cheeto Fries, Taki Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, Sodas, Bottled Water

Pasta King’s Spaghetti Palace – Shade Park

Pasta w/Pesto & Marinara Sauces, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Spaghetti with Marinara, Polenta with Marinara, Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, Soft Drinks, Coffee, Milk, Water

Pizzeria – Linwood Ave.

Pizza by the Slice, Kabobs, Smoked Sausages, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog, Whole Pizza, Lemonade, Iced Tea, Sodas, Bottled Water

Mexican Food

Original Soft Taco – Linwood North

Beef Enchiladas, Beans & Green Salads, Beef Soft Tacos, Carne Asada Tacos, Naked Soft Tacos. Burritos: Beans & Cheese; Beef, Beans & Cheese; Veggie, Carne Asada, Steak, Rice, Beans. Nachos, Spanish Rice, Sodas, Coffee, Tea, Lemonade, Bottled Water

Productos Galix – Lower Racing Grandstands

(Race Days Only) Tacos, Quesadillas, Hot Dogs, Gorditas, Pickled Pork Skins with Toppings, Elotes, Mixed Fruit, Mango on a Stick, Flavored Water, Strawberry & Lemonade, Shaved Ice, Chips & Mexican Candies

Pepe’s Mariscos – Mexican Village

Tacos: Grilled and Fried Fish, Fried Shrimp, Beef, Chicken, Al Pastor, Carnitas, Veggies. Burritos: Veggie, Asada, Al Pastor, Chicken, Carnitas, Chile Relleno, California, Burrito Bowls; Shrimp Cocktails & Ceviche Tostadas, Quesadillas: Cheese, Beef, Chicken, Al Pastor, Carnitas. Chips & Salsa, Chips & Ceviche, Nachos: Carne Asada, Chicken, Supreme, Special, Pap’s Fiestas, Combination Plates: Chili Relleno, Carnitas; Tortas: Carne Asada, Chicken; Enchiladas, Fresh Fruit, Chamango, Diablito, Fresas Con Crema, Tostilocos, Shrimp Cocktail, Campechana Cocktail, Mixta tostada, Shrimp Tostada, Taquitos, Pepe’s California burrito, Naked Burrito Bowl (Supreme)

Rose’s Mexican Food – Mexican Village

Tacos: Beef, Chicken, Fish & Carne Asada. Burritos: Bean & Cheese, Vegetarian & Bean, Chicken & Bean, Beef & Beans, Carne Asada, Chili Verde, California, Deluxe & Adovada. Taquitos, Cheese Enchilada, Tostada, Flautas, Quesadillas, Rice, Beans, Sopes, Mini Tacos, Chimichangas, Cheese Nachos, Dinosaur Nachos, Dino Fry Nachos, Cheese Fries, Dinosaur Fries, Breakfast Burritos, Breakfast Plates, Coffee. Aguas Frescas: Horchata, Jamaica, Pina, Sandia; Bottled Water

Senor Carlos Concession – Mexican Village

Street tacos, Nachos, Carne Asada Fries, Taco Salad, Mexican Style Hot Dog, Duros, Mexican Chips, Waffle Taco, Waffle on a Stick, Pop Corn, Fruit Drinks, Fruit Cups, Lemonade, Candy Apple in a Bowl, Mexican Snow Cone, Clamato Drink, Tostilocos, Corn in a Cup, Corn Fuego, Churro Plate, Pina Colada, Champurrado

Sweet Treats

Ania’s Ice Cream – Shade Park

Ice Cream, Ice Cream Bars, Dipped Cones, Frozen Bananas, Chocolate Covered Bananas, Sundae Waffle Cones, Frozen Cheesecake, Sundaes, Shakes, Malts, Floats, Bubble Waffles, Gold Plated Ice Cream

Bryerton’s Roasted Almonds – Magnolia South

Hot Roasted Almonds, Cinnamon Roasted Almonds and Smokehouse Roasted Almonds, Drinks

Castle Mini Donuts – Magnolia

Variety of Mini Donuts, Dippin Donuts & Drizzle Donuts, Sundaes, Mini Sundaes, Milk, Iced Coffee, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Water, Arnold Palmer

Clover Sonoma – Clover Sonoma Pasture

Free Ice Cream Cones given out daily 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls – Shade Park

Cinnamon Rolls w/Walnuts or Cream Cheese Frosting, Frozen “U” Bake Rolls, Milk, Cocoa, Coffee (Regular & Decaf), Flavored Coffees, Mocha Freezes, Milk, Chocolate Milk, Bottled Water, Smoothies, Tea, Lemonade

DIPPIN DOTS – Magnolia

Frozen Beads of Super Cold Ice Cream

El Churros – Linwood Ave. & Mexican Village

Churros, Cold Drinks

Golden Kettle Corn – Magnolia & Chris Beck Arena

Kettle Corn, Caramel Corn, Lemonade

LC Quality Fairtime Fudge – Grace Pavilion

Fudge, Candy, Gourmet Dipped Apples, Strawberries, Twinkies, and Pretzels. Gourmet Sugar-Free Brittles & Chocolates

Milans Taffy – Grace Pavilion

Taffy, Gummy Bears, Sour Worms, Sour Ropes

Mrs. J’s Chocolate Pot – Linwood South & Grace Pavilion

Cones/Small Cup/Waffle Cones/Large Cup/Dipped Cones/Dipped Waffle Cones, Fresh Strawberry Shortcake, Sundaes, Banana Splits, Chocolate Dipped Banana, Ice Cream Bars, Chocolate Dipped Cheese Cakes, Shakes, Malts, Floats, Flurries, Milk, Drinks, Bottled Water

Mrs. J’s Ice Cream – Magnolia

Cones/Small Cup/Waffle Cones/Large Cup/Dipped Cone/Dipped Waffle Cone, Fresh Strawberry Shortcake, Sundaes, Banana Split, Chocolate Dipped Bananas, Ice Cream Bars, Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake, Cookie Sandwich, Shakes, Malts, Floats, Flurries, Milk, Drinks, Bottled Water

Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes - Shade Park & Linwood North

Delicious Treats & Refreshing Drinks! Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cakes: (Powdered Sugar or Cinnamon Sugar, Apple, Raspberry & Whipped Cream or Bavarian Crème, Cheesecake (Strawberry or Raspberry), Nutella, Coffee and Tea, Soft Drinks, Lemon Ice, Strawberry Cooler, Hot Chocolate, Water

Rainy Day Chocolate – Grace Pavilion

Chocolate Bars: Milk, Dark and Dark with Cacao Nibs, Milk or Dark Dipped Marshmallows, English Toffee: Dark Chocolate Almond, Sea Salt, Milk Chocolate, Macadmia Nut, Toasted Coconut

Snowie – Magnolia & Linwood South

Snow Cones in a Variety of Flavors! Cotton Candy

The Sweet Shop – Grace Pavilion

Variety of Candies such Sour Candies, Jar Candies, Gummy Bears, Licorice Ropes & much more

At The Racetrack

Five Star Grill – Upper Racing Grandstand

Corn Dogs, Angus Hamburgers, Chicken Strips w/Fries, Jumbo Hot Dogs, Polish Sausages, French Fries, Fresh Garlic Fries, Candy, Popcorn, Chips,Soft Drinks, Bottled Water

Photo Finish Kettle Corn & Churros - Lower Racing Grandstands

Churros, Kettle Corn, Snacks, Cold Drinks

Starting Gate Pizza (by Bariadelli) - Lower Racing Grandstands

Pizza by the slice, Sodas, Bottled Waters

TRIFECTA TACOS – Lower Racing Grandstands

Tacos, Quesadillas, Hot Dogs, Gorditas, Pickled Pork Skins with Toppings, Elotes, Mixed Fruit, Mango on a Stick, Flavored Water, Strawberry & Lemonade, Shaved Ice, Chips & Mexican Candies

Superfecta Spicy Pies – Lower Racing Grandstands

Chicken and Beef Spicy Pies, Vegetable Spicy Pies and Crab and Lobster Spicy Pies

Winners Circle Corn Dogs – Lower Racing Grandstands

Corn Dogs, Chips, Candy, Popcorn, Lemonade, Soda, Water


Java 2 You – Magnolia South

Famous Mocha Freeze, Hot & Iced Espresso Drinks, All Natural Fruit Smoothies, Italian Shaved Ice, Hot Chocolate, Chai, Tea, Cider, Fresh Fruit, Muffins, Fountain Sodas, Lemonade, Milk & Water

Phil’s Fresh Squeezed Lemonade – Shade Park

Lemonade, Bottled Water

Carnival Bites

Monster Bakery – Kidland

Chocoalte Chip Cookies, Voodoo Cookies, Corn on the Cobb, Corn in a Cup, Bottled Water, Drinks

Rainbow Wagon – Kidland

Cotton Candy, Corn Dogs, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Caramel Corn, Drinks, Apples Caramel & Candy, Bottled Water

Brit’s Best Cakes N Cones – MajorLand

Funnel Cakes, Ice Cream Cones, Deep Fried Treats, Sundaes, Shakes, Churros, Drinks

Chili Pepper Cookhouse – MajorLand

Employee Dinners, Breakfast, Lunches, Sandwiches, Salads

Kandy Town – MajorLand

Cotton Candy, Corn Dogs, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Carmel Corn, Drinks, Apples Carmel & Candy, Bottled Water

Kyle’s Lemon – MajorLand

Lemonade, Bottled Water

Tasty Treats – MajorLand

Cotton Candy, Corn Dogs, Popcorn, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Carmel Corn, Drinks, Apples Carmel & Candy, Bottled Water

The Dog House – MajorLand

Hot Dogs, Tater Tots and Curly Fries

Quick Bites

Bryerton’s Roasted Almonds – Magnolia South

Cinnamon Roasted Almonds and Smokehouse Roasted Almonds, Iced Tea, Mr. Twist,Water

Fairtime Jerky – Grace Pavilion

Teriyaki, Beef and other flavored Jerky

Gumax San Francisco – Shade Park

Pies, Pies, Pies…Chicken and Beef Spicy Pies, Vegetable Spicy Pies and Crab and Lobster Spicy Pies, Vegetable Salads: Pickled Cabbage with Red Beets, Marinated Peppers, Marinated Carrots Salad, Sauerkraut Salad, Pickled Red Beets, Pickled Green Papaya, Marinated Mushrooms, Organic Coffee Drinks, Nitro Chai Tea, Water, Soda, Sauces: Bourbon sage & Tarragon, Beer BQ, Chocolate Chipotle Adobo, Coffee Beans

Brandy’s Concessions – Linwood North

Giant Dill Pickles, Lemonade, Water, Specialty Cups (foot long schooner)

Pepe’s Aguas Frescas – Community Theater

Magoneada (Mango, Strawberry & Watermelon), Fresh Fruit Cups, Aguas Frescas, Drinks

PHD & Me Soft Pretzels – Magnolia North

Pretzels: Baked, Bites, Foot Long, Stuffed, Jalapeno & Cheese, Pizza, Bacon & Cheese, Cinnamon & Raisin. Dipping Sauces, Toppings. Drinks: Hot Chocolate, Soda, Coffee, Water

Alcoholic Beverages by Spectra

Blues & Brews – in between Garrett & Finley Halls

Full Service Bar with a selection of Sonoma County Wines, Sierra Nevada Beer, Budweiser & Bud Light. Enjoy the live music!

Bud & Coors Bottle Carts – Shade Park

Bottled Beers (Corona)

Chris Beck Arena – open during special events

Coors, Coors Light, Corona, Blue Moon (all events); (Rodeo, Destruction Derby, Monster Trucks)

Community Stage Lounge – Mexican Village

Bottled Coors & Coors Light

Hall of Flowers

Featuring Wilson Wines & Craft Brews

Little Miller – Magnolia Ave

Draft Beer, Sonoma County Wines

Livestock Area

Full service bar during Livestock Auctions (including Bloody Mary’s)

Hussongs Cantina – Mexican Village

Montejo, Budweiser, Bud Light, Blended Margaritas, Sonoma County Wines

Micro Brew – by Grace Pavilion

18 taps of Micro Brews, Sonoma County Wines

Racer 5 Craftbrew Tavern – Linwood North

Micro Brews, Margaritas, Sonoma County Wines

Racing Grandstands

6 Full Service Bars (Cocktail service to reserved box seating), Featuring “Beers of the World”: Local Beers including Bud, Bud Light & International Beers. 2 Beer Huts featuring draft beer & wine

Sierra Nevada Taproom and Speakeasy

On the East side of racing grandstands, near Shade Park
Craft Beers on tap, cocktails and Sonoma Wines. Hang out and watch your favorite teams on the flat screen TVs.

Stage Bud – by Park Stage

Stella & Shock Top Beer, Sonoma County Wines

Honky Tonk Saloon

featuring Tito’s and Jack Daniels as well as Jimmy Ashley on August 3-4-5, 10-11-12, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm

Sonoma County Event Center at the Fairgrounds
1350 Bennett Valley Road - Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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