Sonoma County Harvest Fair

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Pre-Fair Contests

Sonoma County Fair

Read, Write, Create & Win!

Fairtime is just around the corner, and that means it is almost time to start entering pre-fair contests. Prizes include Fair Passes, Carnival Tickets, and even cash. You will need to use your reading, writing and artistic skills to win. Some contests are just for kids, and others are open to all ages. Entry forms and details about these contests are available at the fairgrounds, all Sonoma County Libraries, and at starting in April. Each entry must be the work of the contestant only -- no team entries. You may enter contests only once. The Sonoma County Fair will have rights to all original artwork; all entries will be displayed at the Fair.

Contest FAQs!

  • Are these contests just for kids? Some are, but others are for all ages. Check the rules and get started!
  • Where do I find the entry form? If you download a contest from this web page, it will include one entry form. If you need more entry forms, feel free to make copies (on white paper)
    To get copies of the Fair FunBook, which includes all of the pre-fair contests, go to the fairgrounds or your local Childrens’ Library (FunBooks will be available in April).
  • What’s the deadline? Entries for all contests must be returned to the fairgrounds by (Date TBD).
  • Does everyone get a free Fair ticket? If you enter the Coloring Contest, you get a $2 discount on Fair admission. If you enter any of the other pre-fair contests, you get one ticket to the Fair. You also get a participant ribbon for each contest you enter. Tickets and ribbons will be mailed out after (Date TBD).
  • What if I win? Most contests offer Family Fair Passes (carnival tickets, fair admission and parking) as prizes. Sticker Contest winners get cash prizes.
  • Why do I have to give my address and phone number? We need your address so we can send your ribbons and free ticket (and your prize if you win!). Your phone number and email address allow us to get in touch with you if there is a problem with your entry.

Contest Rules

Unless the Contest Description says differently...

  • This must be your original work. Don’t let anyone help you!
  • No team entries.
  • Entries will be divided into age categories before judging. In other words, grown-ups won’t be competing against kids.
  • The Sonoma County Fair will have rights to all original artwork; all entries will be displayed at the Fair.
  • Winning designs will be featured on the Sonoma County Fair website and Facebook page.
  • Only one entry per person, per contest!
  • If it isn’t the Coloring, Sticker or Reading & Riding Contest, tape an entry form to the back of your entry.

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