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Junior Livestock Auction

2022 Auction Dates

Friday, August 5th - 9:00 AM Lamb, Goats, & Poultry
Saturday, August 6th - 9:00 AM Hogs and Rabbits
Sunday, August 7th - 10:00 AM Steers and Ag Mechanics

How Can You Participate?

Buyers now have three ways to participate in the auction:
1) Attend the auctions in person
2) Contact an Area Committee Solicitor to bid for you (as you may have already done)
3) Register on the online platform to bid from the comfort of your own sofa or office and see the animals walk through the sale ring as if you were there!

Register online and do the bidding!

Please visit: to register.

If you registered with on the online platform in 2020 or 2021, all you will need to do is login and accept the terms of the sale. If you will be participating in more than one auction, please make sure to accept the terms on each of the sales. You will just need your contact information and valid email to register. Please use your cell phone number as your main/first contact number. Please do not use the web browser “INTERNET EXPLORER” – it is no longer supported by Microsoft and could cause viewing/bidding issues during the auction. You can view a video of the simple registration process here:

What is the Auction format?

The hybrid (live and online) auction will begin at 9:00 am on Friday, August 5th with Poultry, Market Goats, Market Lambs. 9:00 am on Saturday, August 6th with Rabbit Meat Pens and Hogs 10:00 am on Sunday, August 7th.
The auction will operate like a live auction where one animal is sold at a time. You will hear the auctioneer and see the live feed of the exhibitor and their animal displayed and be able to bid in real time virtually. You will be able to bid against yourself to increase your bid if you would like to increase the bid. There is not an allotted amount of time per lot as this is a live auction. Hogs will auction first, followed by lambs, goats and steers. If you would like to watch a video clip of a past auction from a bidder's screen, please click here: The animals can be viewed at .

How does bidding work?

Just like a live auction – you will simply press the bid button on the screen when you would like to bid.

Can I place bids prior to the auction?

Yes, you can place pre-bids, and a max bid - however remember that this is a live auction. In order for that exhibitor to reach your max bid, there will need to be someone actively bidding against you, or you will need to bid against yourself to increase the price during the live auction.

How do those that are not bidders watch the auction?

Simply visit and navigate to the Sonoma County Fair Auction tab and you can view the auction.

The SONOMA COUNTY FAIR Junior Livestock Auction is a terminal sale, for all Beef, Sheep, Swine & Goats. This means there is no live animal pick-up on those species listed above and there is only resale and custom processing.

How do I contact the fair office?

Phone:707-545-4203 Email:

How do I pay for my purchase?

Credit Card information can be submitted on the Buyers Card/Purchase Agreement. Checks written to Sonoma County Fair can be dropped off or mailed to Sonoma County Fair, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95404. Please remember that it is critical payment is received in a timely manner as youth exhibitors will not receive payment until buyers have paid.

Want to help but don’t want to buy an animal?

Consider doing an ADD-ON BID! An add-on bid can be placed on any lot in our auction up until Sunday, August 7th at 5:00 PM. You can add any amount you wish. It’s a great way to support a young exhibitor with a smaller donation. Or place an add-on bid in addition to purchasing an animal. The choice is yours!! Add-on cards must be submitted with payment and a completed Add-On Card.

How do I provide an Add-On?

  • Add-on cards, including payment, must be turned into the fair office by Sunday, August 2 at 3:00 pm.
    • Add-On cards and payment can be mailed (Sonoma County Fair, 1350 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95404), provided they reach the office in time for the deadline.
    • Add-On cards and payment can be dropped-off at the fair office
      • Monday, July 27-Friday, July 31 8:00 am-1:00 pm
      • Saturday, August 1 9:00 am-7:00 pm
      • Sunday, August 2 9:00 am-3:00 pm

2022 Buyer's Card/Purchase Agreement (Green Card)
2022 Add-On Card
2022 Buyer Credit Card authorization

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Why Participate?

For junior livestock exhibitors the Fair represents a culmination of many months to years of work. Through livestock projects youth members not only gain animal science knowledge; but valuable life skills such as responsibility, time management and problem solving that last a lifetime.

Your purchase will help support an educational program. These youth are learning to produce food for your table. They are also learning how to be in business for themselves. At their age, their business is on a small scale and their costs are higher than the commercial producer. Help them achieve success and ensure continued food production by supporting them now. The price you pay today encourages youth participation and is a small investment in the future of America. Profits from the sale of these animals are usually reinvested in next year's project or set aside for future educational expenses.

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1350 Bennett Valley Road - Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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