Fair Food

Ricardo's Hawaiian Feast


Fair time is Food time! This year’s fair is sure to satisfy your fair food cravings. Sonoma County Fair has something for everyone from the health nut to the full-on fair food fanatic. Turn back time and enjoy the classics alongside the showstopper fanatic favorites at the 2023 Sonoma County Fair Jurassic Jubilee! Dine on corn dogs, the time-honored double cheeseburger, a giant turkey leg, curly fries, deep-fried Twinkies, waffle cones, cotton candy, churros, and fresh-squeezed lemonade! Or step it up and bite into tacos of all kinds, Greek eats, giant sausages, a Porky burger, or Reggae mac and cheese paired with the unbeatable Boba tea! Let’s not forget Clover Sonoma offering chocolate milk and a cookie bite from Rustic Bakery (FREE, 12-3 p.m. daily, while supplies last). Looking to sweeten your day? Try Mangonada sorbet, a classic snow cone, or a chocolate-dipped Ice cream bar!


Join us on Tuesday the 8th for $4 bites until 4 pm to eat your way through the fair! As a treat to our food enthusiast fairgoers, food concessionaires will have a $4 bite item on their menu until 4 pm on Tasty Tuesday. This is your chance to give the fair a taste and fill up on a budget.

WHAT'S ON THE MENU AT THE FAIR? Enough to feed Tyrannosaurs!




Stomp on in and dig up an unbelievable variety of snacks, hearty meals, and delectable desserts at this year's Sonoma County Fair! Look for the return ofSeñor Carlos, The Dawghouse, Boss Burger, Mrs. J’s Ice-cream, Pepe’s Mariscos, and The Sleek Greek to name a few as well as some all-new vendors. Mix it up and eat like a king! 
A sample menu for your day at the Fair could include:
Late Breakfast: Classic mini donuts and a cappuccino or Pepe’s Torta and Agua Frescas!
Lunch: A chili cheese dog and giant curly fries or Sleek Greeks veggie gyro.
Mid-afternoon snack: Classic kettle corn, hot Cheeto cob, or a Sonoran-style hot dog. Cool
down with a split-serve Wicked Slush!
Dinner: Jerk chicken with super asada fries, rib mowie wowie, and a bucket of garlic fries or
Bariadelli’s vegan bowl with Dole Whip for dessert!
Dessert: Oreo churro, Nutella funnel cake with ice cream, deep-fried Snickers bar, cinnamon
roll, or Raspado! 





Big Stuffies Indulge in delicious hamburgers Corner of Linwood and Magnolia South.
Boss Burger Sink your teeth into juicy hamburgers. Shade Park
Brit's Best Cakes N Cones Satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of cakes and cones Main Carnival
Senor Carlos Candy  Enjoy a delightful selection of candies.  Mexican Village 
Caribbean Flavors Savor the vibrant flavors of Caribbean cuisine. Linwood South
Chillin & Grillin Savor the smoky goodness of BBQ dishes.  Linwood x Magnolia Corner.
Chili Pepper Cookhouse Indulge in flavorful dishes Main Carnival 
Crepes  Bit in to a warm savory or sweet treat crepe make fresh. 

Linwood South

Chris Beck Sample a variety of delicious food items Chris Beck Arena 
Churro Cart Treat yourself to warm and sugary churros. Linwood North
Dippin Dot Ice Cream Experience the unique and delightful texture of Dippin Dots ice cream. Magnolia South.
Dim Sum Enjoy a variety of delicious Dim Sum offerings. Shade Park
Dawghouse Enjoy classic fair-style food.  Main Carnival.
Mini Donuts Satisfy your sweet tooth with freshly made donuts. Entrance to Magnolia - entrance to MV
Fairtime Fudge  Satisfy your sweet cravings with delectable fudge options Grace Pavilion
Fairtime Jerky  Experience a savory delight with delicious beef jerky. Grace Pavilion
Fairtime Licorice Enjoy a variety of licorice flavors. Grace Pavilion
Funnel Cake Express Indulge in crispy and sweet funnel cakes. Linwood North and Shade Park
Golden Kettle Corn Delight in the sweet and salty goodness of kettle corn. Magnolia South
Kyles Killer Lemonade Quench your thirst with delicious lemonade.  Main Carnival.
Lemonade & Dill Pickle (Giant) Enjoy refreshing lemonade and tangy dill pickles. Linwood North - West Carnival Entrance.
Munch A Bunch  Choose from curly fries, hot dogs, and sandwiches.  Linwood South.
Mrs. J's  Indulge in creamy and rich ice cream treats. Linwood South and Grace Pavilion
MV Churro Car Satisfy your churro cravings. Mexican Village
Nates Corn Delight in delicious corn options. Main Carnival 
OMG Ice Cream Treat yourself to delectable ice cream flavors.  Shade Park
Pepe's Mariscos Savor authentic Mexican food offerings Mexican village 
Phil's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade Quench your thirst with refreshing lemonade beverages. Shade Park
Rainbows End Delight in finger fair food options.  Kid's Carnival area.
Reggae Rasta Styles Experience the flavors of authentic Reggae cuisine. Shade Park
Ricardo's Hawaiian Feast Taste the deliciousness of Hawaiian cuisine.  Shade Park
Rusottis Enjoy a fresh slice of hot pizza.  Shade Park
Señor Carlos Satisfy your Mexican food cravings with a variety of dishes.  Mexican Village - Permanent Building.
Sharkys Fish Fry Indulge in mouthwatering seafood options.  Magnolia North.
Sleek Greek  Try delicious authentic Greek foods Shade Park
Snowie Cool off with refreshing snow cones. Linwood South
Thirsty Fry Satisfy your fairtime craving with a basket of curly fries.  Magnolia
Wicked Slush Cool down with a slush ice cream treat. Linwood South