Shopping at the Fair

shopping at the fair

Fairgoers will have no shortage of shopping with over 100 commercial vendors to choose from.  Don’t leave The Greatest Fair on Earth without a souvenir to remember the fair time fun! Check out Grace Pavilion and Mexican Village or stroll the streets of the fairgrounds for a variety of gifts and keep sakes for all sorts of occasions.

Open from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM daily.


Grace Pavilion is the main retail shopping center and will be packed wall to wall with products and merchandise from around the world. Stop by Lisa’s Fairtime Fudge for a caramel apple before strolling the aisles of Grace Pavilion to check out the handmade jewelry, leather products, LulaRoe clothing, euroscooters, skin care products, home improvement options, soft tubs and so much more!  How about palm reading?  Visit John Stevens Palmistry, who is local and has been with the Fair for over 40 years!

 Sweetness Returns: The Candy Maze returns this year!  If being surrounded by mouthwatering sweet treats is just too much for you to handle, there will be candy for sale by weight to mix and match to your heart’s desire!  


Go for a stroll in Mexican Village to soak up the Mexican American culture. The streets of Mexican village are flooded with traditional Latin music and lined with authentic Mexican merchandise. Shop the colorful booths for a Mexican blanket, Mexican masks, tapestries, ponchos and other traditional clothing, hats, cow hides, Mexican snacks and much more. 


The streets of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds are lined with goodies and unique experiences. Take your little ones for a pony ride, have a custom sign created, or indulge in a Henna tattoo, caricature, or face painting for the little ones.  Need a fair-themed souvenir to take home?  Visit the souvenir shop near the Brookwood Entrance. Visit County Fair Amusement Novelty for all your novelty needs.  There is Reggae clothing, artwork, and so many other items to select from – all within three blocks. Support local and visiting vendors selling hand crafted merchandise or create an unforgettable memory at the walk on water or rock-climbing booth. The opportunities are endless!