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This year’s World Champs will win $1,000!


Saturday, Aug. 10:  3:30, 6:00, 7:45 p.m.

Sunday, Aug. 11: 3:30 (age 12 & under), 6 p.m.

WORLD FINALS: AUG. 11 AT 7:15 p.m.

grape stomp contest

Yes!  You Can Stomp Grapes!

Here’s How It Works:

Each team consists of one stomper and one swabbie. The stomper stands in the barrel and flattens the grapes. The swabby stands below the barrel and catches the juice. All ages are welcome; there’s even a Stomp reserved just for those 12 years old and under  at 3:30 on August 11. Kids can compete in any stomp, but the Kids Stomp is reserved just for them. If you are 4 years old and want your dad to be your partner, you will compete in an Open Stomp. If you compete with your twin sister (also age 4), you can be in the Kids Stomp on August 11. There are no ages limits (upper or lower) for grape stompers, so kids are welcome. You can’t take your mom, or anyone else, into the stomping area with you.  But the stomp crew will be happy to assist the youngest grape stompers, so if you need help getting into the barrel, we will take care of you!

Each member of each stomping team will get a commemorative stomp t-shirt, but you don’t get the shirt until after you stomp. So prepare to get grape juice on your clothes! (We do have some garbage bags to cover your clothes if you are desperate.)

The winning team from each preliminary stomp will be entered in the World Championship Finals to compete for the $1,000 prize on Sunday, Aug. 11 at 7:15 p.m.  All finalists will get a beautiful basket of treats.Teams competing in the Finals must include both original team members from the preliminary round. No substitutions will be allowed.

Stomp Team: 1 Stomper + 1 Swabby

When putting together a contending stomp team, it’s important to consider your strengths and weaknesses. Be honest with yourself...are you OK standing up on stage jumping up and down in a barrel full of grapes, while the crowd cheers?  Which member of your team has the longest, strongest arms?  Who has the most endurance?  Yes, big feet will help at the beginning, but it’s the stomper who can keep at it for the whole stomp who brings one the prize. But most of all, remember not to take your partner for granted. Stompers and swabbies come in teams, so grab a friend and consider the following:

Stomper – Stands in a barrel full of grapes, uses their feet to squish out the juice. Stompers must stomp grapes in an upright position (you can’t sit down!), feet must be bare and no hands can be placed on barrels. Stompers must have bare feet.

Swabby – Stands below a barrel full of grapes while a stomper is stomping and makes sure nothing stops the grape juice from getting into the jug. The Swabby holds the jug under the spout and catches the juice. Strong arms a plus! Swabbies must have bare hands.

No tape on hands of swabbies or feet of stompers.

Finally...can you trade places during the stomp? No! Even if it wasn’t against the rules, there really isn’t time -- each preliminary stomp lasts just three minutes!

Costume Competition: Stompers Dress Up

There is a Costume Competition for the Stomp teams before each preliminary round. Teams can get as creative as they  want. Past costumes include: Lucy and Ethel, toga-clad stompers, clusters of grapes, super heroes and bridal party members. Sponsored teams often wear company t-shirts. This year, there may be lots of grape stomping circus performers!  Winners of the costume competition for each stomp will get a special prize.

Ready to Stomp?

Here’s How to Sign Up

First, remember that it takes a team of two. Recruit a partner ‑ your son, your mom, your best friend or even your sister!

Next, sign up online as soon as possible, pay your entry fee, and you are in!  The team fee is $40. Each team signed up before the Fair begins receives two free Sonoma County Fair admission passes. (On-the spot sign-ups are also available, but those teams will not receive Fair admission.) All Team members get official grape stomp T-shirts after they stomp.


Choose "Grape Stomp Competition" from the drop-down menu

Online entries end on Wednesday, August 8.  But you can still sign up on the spot. You must sign up at the Grape Stomp Stage (also the Family Fun Stage) at least 15 minutes before the official stomp time. Each team of two must pay an entry fee of $40. If you sign up on the spot, we take checks & cash -- no credit cards.  But if you can, sign up early and get free Fair admissions as a bonus!

grape stomp