Grape STOMP at the Sonoma County Fair!

grape stomp


All Sonoma County Fair grape stomps have been canceled.  Unfortunately, we can't get grapes for the Stomps. The harvest has been delayed because the grapes aren't ripe.  If the weather is with us next year, Grape Stomping will return to the 2024 Sonoma County Fair.
We encourage all Grape Stompers to enter the Sonoma County Harvest Fair World Championship Stomp on Saturday, October 14. Check out the Harvest Fair website in the next month for Grape Stomp information.

grape stomp contest

Are you a ''stomper'' or a ''swabby''? If you have no idea what we're talking about, make this your year to find out. In fact, make this your year to participate in the World Championship Grape Stomp-you might just win! Stompers and swabbies come in teams, so grab a friend and consider the following:

  • Stomper – One who stands in a barrel full of grapes and uses their feet to squish out the juice.
  • Swabby – One who stands below a barrel full of grapes while a stomper is stomping and makes sure nothing stops the grape juice from getting into the jug.

Another crucial, though not mandatory, aspect of every Grape Stomp is the costume competition. A costume contest precedes each qualifying round, and teams can get as creative as they want. Past costumes include: Lucy and Ethel; clusters of grapes, super heroes and bridal party members. Sponsored teams often wear t-shirts with the company logo.

grape stomp