Kids Area

Activities in the Kids Area begin at noon and continue until 7 pm. Kids can play games, watch a show, or catch a quick nap on the grass as their parents take a breather. Fair staff are on hand to maintain the peace and keep the activities coming, but please do not leave children unattended.

Children ages 12 & under are admitted free of charge on both Kids Days, and each day is filled with special activities for kids. Extra contests, including jump rope, LEGO Building, milk moustache and more give kids a chance to show their stuff on stage. Entertainers around the fairgrounds will be looking for young volunteers to help with their shows. And all ages are invited to be in the Kids Day Parades, pulling mini-floats, wearing costumes and making noise!



OPEN 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM DAILY

Just inside the Brookwood Gate, you'll find our Kids Area, which offers:

  • Free shows specifically for children
  • Free craft projects and dress-up area
  • Free creative hands-on activities
  • Plenty of shade and lawn where overcharged youngsters can relax and unwind.


The Kids Area, with a theme of "Pirates, Princesses and Mermaids Too" , will be the center of activity for younger kids up to age 10. The costume barn is filled with royal gowns, swash buckling gear and mermaid tails, so kids can dress the part as they take part in theme-related activities. Young pirates can go aboard our pirate ship and practice throwing rats off the ship, princesses can work on their sword fighting (so they can rescue themselves), and mermaids can practice identifying sea life and take part in the "Little Mermaid Trivia Quiz." Everyone can show their creative side with tropical art projects and get physical in the Pirate, Princess & Mermaid Obstacle Course.


Plus a clean, comfortable Parents Rest Station with changing tables and chairs for nursing.

The Kids Area is also our center for lost children until 8:00 pm each day. After 8:00 pm lost children are taken to first Aid, located on the North side of the Hall of Flowers.


Take a photo of your child as you enter the Fair. That way if your child is lost you will have a current photo including what they are wearing that day!