The circus is coming to the Fair! No lions, tigers, or elephants, but plenty of talented humans will be performing circus stunts of all kinds. Shows will include juggling, magic, acrobatics, hula hooping, giant bubble-making, amazing feats of balance and so much more. The line-up is completed by a troupe of racing farm animals, water-skiing squirrels, and a great circus dog! Your trip to the Fair this summer is going to require lots of planning. With circus acts all around the grounds, you need to pay close attention to the schedule to see them all.

Aug. 1 - Aug. 11, 4:30 to 6 p.m.
Bourbon Street Brass Band

The Sonoma County Fair’s Official Parade Band adds the excitement of live music to the daily (5 p.m.) parade. Bourbon Street brings the fun and funk of New Orleans Mardi Gras to life playing music that is instantly recognizable and makes you want to move! This year, in keeping with the Fair theme, the band has promised to add some circus tunes to their repertoire. Find out more about the Bourbon Street Brass Band!

Aug.1 - Aug.11 ~ 3 shows a day
Globe Of Death Squad

Johnny Obando’s Globe of Death Squad will thrill and amaze fairgoers of all ages with their best motorcycle stunts and aerial acrobatics. Three times a day, they enter the enormous metal sphere and defy gravity. It’s a sight to see, and you won’t want to miss it!  But take note – it’s also very loud! If you’ve ever seen a globe of death on television and wondered, this is your chance to get up close and see that this is the real deal!

Aug. 1 - Aug. 4 ~ 3 shows a day
The Silver Starlets

You will have to look to the sky to find The Silver Starlets at the Sonoma County Fair!

The Silver Starlets is an all-female aerial acrobatics show. Full of glam, glitz, and glitter, the Starlets use a 20-foot-high free-standing trapeze rig as their stage. They twist, tumble, bend, climb, and fall, getting the audience cheering, laughing, and sometimes even dancing right along with them. But don't let their tutus fool you. These two performers are as powerful as they are talented. The Silver Starlets captivate you with their family-friendly charm, beautiful grace, and amazing strength. During each show, the two performers do solo performances, including aerial stilts. The show climaxes with duo trapeze acrobatics. 

Aug. 3 - Aug. 9

Danish-born Henrik Bothe specializes in physical comedy. That means he doesn’t just sound funny, or tell jokes, he shows you what funny looks like!  He spins plates, walks on ladders, juggles without using his hands, spins ropes, manipulates fancy hats, rides a giant unicycle, and lots more. In other words, Henrik belongs in the circus! He will perform around the fairgrounds as a street performer. But his starring role will be as director of the Sonoma County Fair Circus Slide Whistle Band.  Fairgoers of all ages are invited to show up and be a part of the Band any day, August 3-9. Whistles will be provided, and a lack of experience is encouraged. Henrik will provide all the instruction you need.

Aug. 1 - Aug. 11 ~ 3 Shows A Day
Silly Circus Show 

Join Bri Crabtree on a silly circus adventure in the Kids Area! Bri’s amazing fusion of circus, vaudeville, and silliness is just made for the youngest in your family. The show features juggling, magic, unicycling, illusion, and physical comedy. Objects come to life, logic is turned upside-down, and curiosity prevails. Bri’s outrageous comedy keeps kids giggling long after the show is over. After the show, kids can play circus games, try on costumes, and go aboard the kids-size pirate ship in the Kids Area. Find out more about the Silly Circus Show.

Aug. 1 - Aug. 11 ~ 3 shows a day
Coventry & Kaluza plus 1

Traditional clowns, the type many people are afraid of, won’t be at the Fair this summer. Instead, you will see the new generation of clowns – funny, talented, and not scary!  At the top of our list are Coventry & Kaluza. Jamie Coventry is a harmonica addict and eccentric juggler. Natasha Kaluza is The Super-Duper Hula Hooper. Just wait til you see how many hula hoops she can spin at once! The Plus 1 is the world’s cutest (and most talented) circus dog. In addition to performing in the show, Kaluza will be offering a short “how to hula hoop” session every day.

Aug. 1 - Aug. 11 ~ 3 shows a day

is a zany, crazy, and quirky performer who combines a variety of circus skills and quick wit to entertain audiences of all ages. Combining age-old sideshow stunts, circus tricks, and good old-fashioned comedy brings elements of the old and new circus to the Fair. If you’re a little squeamish, brace yourself! As a part of a long side-show tradition, Chris swallows strange things, tells jokes, and brings the weirder side of the circus to life, right in front of your eyes!

Aug. 1 - Aug. 4 ~ 3 shows a day
Godfrey Daniels

Silent comedy comes to the Fair, as Godfrey Daniels presents his brief but charming show five times each day. With just a few props and not a word spoken, Godfrey is a unique character in the world of live entertainment. With the naïveté of a child and the world-weariness of a philosopher, Godfrey evokes instant laughter in his viewers. The mere presence of Godfrey encompasses a panorama of moods from concern to embarrassment, curiosity to hilarity, and all of this without the utterance of a single word. His character does not speak, but he captivates audiences of all ages, nonetheless.

Aug. 1 - Aug. 4 ~ 3 shows a day
Godfrey the Magician

Godfrey presents his fast-moving magic show the first four days of the Fair, so don’t miss it!  Count on lots of comedy and audience participation. In addition to a circus-themed magic show, Godfrey will share some of his experiences traveling with the sideshow of a big circus many years ago. Card tricks, appearing & disappearing coins, and that old classic, pulling something out of his hat make for a fantastic show.

Aug. 3 & Aug. 4
Scotty & Trink, Crazy Circus Jugglers

Scotty & Trink are the best juggling duo on the Fair circuit. They have entertained audiences all over the world with their hilarious combination of comedy, juggling, unicycling, and audience participation!  But best of all, they will make you laugh. As Penn Jillette (the louder half of Penn & Teller) says, they are “wicked funny.” Use the following link to find out more about Scotty & Trink:

Park Stage Schedule

Tom Rigney & Flambeau ~ Aug. 8th
The Pitchforks ~ AuG. 7TH