Pre-Fair Contests

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Read, Write, Create & Win!


Adults, kids, and all those in between are invited to enter our Pre-Fair Contests! You can color, invent a whole new dinosaur or plan a trip to the Fair. Elementary school kids are invited to read books to earn free carnival rides! Every contestant gets a free admission ticket to the Fair, and prizes include Fair Passes, Carnival Tickets and baskets of goodies! (Contestants receive only one Fair ticket, no matter how many contests they enter. If you enter the Coloring Contest, you get a Fair discount ticket. If you enter one or more of the other contests, you will receive a full Fair admission ticket instead.) Two contests are just for kids, but the others are open to all ages. You will need to use all your reading, drawing, math and creative skills to win these contests, so give it your all! The entry deadline will be here before you know it (July 10), so download the entry forms and get started now!



Who Can Enter? Sonoma County Kids grades K to 6

What Are The Prizes? Free Carnival Tickets!

Butler Amusements offers 2 Free Carnival Rides to kids who read extra books between March 20 and JULY 10! Students in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades can read picture books. 3rd to 6th graders must read chapter books. These should be extra books, not books assigned in class. To enter, read the required number of books listed below and fill out the entry form. Get your parent or teacher to sign the form and return it to the fairgrounds by June 10. Only one entry per student. Tickets will be mailed in July, so enter your home address. If you have read enough books, a ribbon and two free carnival ride passes will be sent to your home the week before the Fair starts

This year a special bonus prize will be given to those students who read the most books. After you fill out the entry form, take another paper and list all the other books you read between now July 6. Send it in with your Reading & Riding Entry Form. This is a bonus prize, so you don't have to do this to get your two free carnival rides. But if you feel like showing off your reading skills, send in your list!

Download Entry Form Here.


Who can enter? Sonoma County Kids, Grade 1 to 6

What are the Prizes? $50 to spend at the fair!

Plan a day at the Fair, assuming you have $50 to spend. You can come on Kids Day and get in free or you can use the free ticket you get for entering this contest, so you don't have to worry about paying for admission to the Fair. Use the list of prices provided to plan your day, including food, carnival rides and more. Basic information on food and carnival ride prices is included with the entry form. You might want to check out the schedule of events to find out about fun free activities as well. Basic information is included with your entry form. For more Fair information, check out the Fair website, Winners will receive a special certificate that they can bring to the Fair to redeem their $50 to spend at the Fair. Plan a great day and you might be able to live it!

Download Entry Form Here


These contests are open to all ages, and entries will be divided into age categories before judging. Only one entry per contestant will be judged. Winners will receive Family Fair Packages (Fair tickets, carnival tickets and parking passes) or Fair tickets.


What's The Prize? Fair Tickets!

Use crayons, colored pencils or felt pens to color your own version of this year's Fair logo. No chalk, paint, glitter or pastels. Do not attach anything to the form. No feathers, stickers, sequins, etc. Use an official entry form or a copy of the form on white paper. Winners in all age categories will receive 2-4 tickets for Fair admission. All coloring contestants will receive a Fair discount ticket, good for $8 off adult admission or $4 off kids admission.

Download Entry Form Here.


Who can enter? Everone!

Whats are the Prizes? Family Fair Packages (Adminission, Carnival & Parking) and a Dinosaur Suprise!

All contestants will receive a ribbon and a ticket to the Fair. Winners in different age categories will receive Family Fair Packages and a dinosaur surprise!
This year's Fair theme is Jurassic Jubilee, and we are celebrating dinosaurs. For this contest, you get to invent a new dinosaur.

There are two parts to this contest. In part one, you design a dinosaur and draw it. In part two, you name it! You might want to do research before you design your dinosaur, and read about the dinosaurs that have been dug up around the world. Or you might just want to use your imagination. It is up to you to decide, but after you finish your research (or not), get out your crayons, paints or felt pens and draw your dinosaur. Computer graphics and photos are cheating - use your homegrown artistic talents! No clip-art, no stickers, no tracing, no graphics "borrowed" from another source. You can create any kind of picture you want. It might look like a scientific drawing, with all the parts pointed out and labeled. Or it might be more like a regular picture or a work of art.

When you name your dinosaur, choose any name you want. When paleontologists dig up a new dinosaur, they get to name it. Some use scientific terms, some use phrases that describe the dinosaur, and some name their find after themselves. On the back of your entry, print your name, age*, mailing address, email address and phone number. This contest is open to all ages, but you may enter only once. Each entry must be the work of the contestant only - no help, no team entries.
Entries will be judged in age categories, and the winners will receive Family Fair Packages (Fair tickets, carnival tickets and parking passes) and be our guests at the Fair. Winning entries become the property of the Sonoma County Fair; all entries will be displayed at the Fair. Contestants' addresses will not be displayed. Entries must be returned to the fairgrounds no later than July 10.

Please use ONLY 8 1/2" x 11" (letter-size) white paper for your entry. Print your name, mailing address, email, phone number and age on the back. Mail or deliver to Sonoma County, 1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa CA 95404.